Ticket trips with barge "Jõmmu"

Ticket trips are barge sailing trips meant for everyone interested. There are several different  educational trips that are conducted by professional guide. Information about the trips are in facebook and on the front page of our website.

Sat 8.april at  18:00pm-20:00pm Springtrip with tarry flavours, port Sisevete Saatkond, Ticket 12€, students 8€

Sun 9.apr at 12.00am-14.00pm Pancake trip, port Sisevete Saatkond(Jõekohvik), tikcet  15/10 student, 2 for children under 2 

The season begins in april 2016 with different nature-education trips, for example river-flood trips on river Emajõgi, birdsong listening in the early mornings of spring, star-gazing and bat-watching on the late evenings in spring and autumn, longer nature and sight-seeing trips up- and downstream on river Emajõgi, shipping history trips as well as short tourist trips along the Tartu city.