Barge hall 

The rental information for Barge Hall rooms can be found HERE.

Visitors days with special program are takin place on Saturdays! Read more HERE!

Building of the nwe two-masted barge - A tour introducing shipbuilding (30 min 60 euros or 60 min 120 euros) is offered to groups on pre-order.
Lodjakoda is located just 15 minutes from the centre of the city along the beautiful alley of the Emajõgi. See 360-degree picture of the territory of Lodjakoda HERE!

The new Barge hall offers a unique opportunity to celebrate your event in beautiful nature by the river. Lodjakoda is the newest event venue in the city of Tartu. Three buildings are located in the territory of Lodjakoda. The main building acts as a centre for the construction of historic ships, a theme park, a museum and an exhibition site.
Photo: Tarmo Haud,  www.tarmohaud.ee

Renting MAIN BULDING or BARGE HALL for events
The staircase of the lobby of the main building/barge hall  accommodates up to 40 people, the  the second floor seminar room in theatre style 50 ppl. Both have stationary presentation techniques. The lobby, staircase and upper hall can be used as a single multi-level room, where the lower floor can be used, for example, for dining and the upper floor can be used for a seminar or dance party.

We expect up to 250 guests in the shipbuilding hall during the winter, but in the warm time, one  wall of the hall can be opened and the hall can accommodate many times more guests. The open-ended hall qualifies as an outdoor area, which is a particularly grateful opportunity in the current viral situation, when it is wise to organize as much of the events outdoors as possible. The area of the hall is 330m2, there is an oak brick floor and a wooden ceiling, and the musicians have approved the acoustics of the hall. A new two-mast ed barge will be built in the shipbuilding hall, and over time there will be less space around the building. In the year of the Capital of Culture, in the spring of 2024, we will let the new big barge into the water, and the shipbuilding hall will be full of space again.

Woodworkshop (100m2) with beautiful river views can accommodate up to 60 people for a birthday and around 80 people for seminar.

There is a sauna just along the river, where up to 20 people can hold a meeting in the front room with river view. The heater of the sauna uses wood, and you can jump directly into the Emajõgi from steame room that can accommodate 8 people.

The shed hall and Emajõgi Amphitheatre provide shelter for the ships of Lodjaselts durning winter time. From April to December, however, the Lodjakoda hall (280m2) can be used for various open-air events.

Barge Waiting Café  offers local delicacies for individual visitors as well as for catering seminars and parties. We also work with other caterers in the service of events.

Additional activities include crafting barge models in a wood workshop, forging nails with blacksmith, or exploring aquatic life along a river and bay sop.

Historical ships
From April to November, you can also order a river trip with a barge or a Viking ship.

In addition to our own cultural events, you can hold birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties, conferences events, seminars, class meetings, lectures, theatre performances, concerts in Lodjakoda.

With the revenue of Lodjakoda, we are building historic ships - let's make history!
With the revenue of 2020-2021, we restored the only sand barge in inland waters - KOIT!

Additional information info@lodi.ee or +372 555 99 100