Examples of events on board

You can have all sorts of events on board starting with business trips and ending with birthdays.

Here are some following examples:

Birthday party
We can sail upstream and downstream from Tartu. Guest can enjoy the beautiful view, while eating outside on the sealing and enjoy the weather. Memorable party is guaranteed for people of all ages!

Duration 3h, cost 640€

It is an excellent opportunity to have a training course for your workers or seminar that seems like a treat. Sailing true nature, the fresh air keeps your colleges nicely awake while they can absorb the new information with sunlight. 

Duration 4h, cost 800€

Company summer days

We can start the trip in the morning from Tartu and sail downstream to lake Peipus. We can spend the evening on small island Piirissaare which lies just on the boarder with Russia. There is an option of booking sauna and grilling on the island. We would be back in Tartu for next evening.

Duration 2days, cost 3000€

There is also an opportunity to order food, workshops and live music on aboard. 

For more information please contact us info@lodi.ee